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Brittany, Binx, Brody & Bella


Hello to all of our spooktacular friends! My name is Brittany and I (currently) have 3 rescue pups here in the South Bay Area. I’m a dog trainer and pet sitter and have had a love of animals since I could remember. I’ve worked with dogs both volunteer and job for the past 11 years.

Binx is an Italian greyhound mix. He’s an all around Jack of all trades. I swear he’s part cat (hence the name Binx) as he LOVES kitty toys, laying on the backs of couches, sleeping all day and loving up on everyone.

He came to me in October of 2020 from a hoarder at a mere age of only 3 months old. He quickly stole my heart and my bed. Since adopting him, he has helped find new homes for over 20 different dogs. He brought comfort to scared puppies, energy to senior pups, and helped bring out the personalities of all his foster siblings.

Brody is a mini Australian shepherd that loves to be the center of attention. He came to us after losing his human dad to cancer. You’ll hear him coming before you lay eyes on him.

Bella is my vintage puppy. She is my first independent rescue and has been a work in progress with her fear of humans since I got her at only 4 months old. She’s come such a long way and is such a goofy gal.

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Brittany, Binx, Brody & Bella