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Crystal, Leia, Ruth & Toilet


Hello fellow pet lovers! My name is Crystal and my full time outside of the home job is veterinary technician at a busy university veterinary hospital. My other full time "jobs" include being a mommy to my special needs daughter, a wife to my wonderful husband for the last 15 years, and pet parents to my two cats Toilet and Ruth Bder Ginspurr as well as dog mom, trainer, and poodle wrangler to my service dog in training Leia (AKC registered Resistance Commander Leia).

Leia is my standard parti colored poodle (no she is not a springerdoodle). We are working extremely hard to get her fully trained for medical alert and calming for myself and my daughter because she alerts on both of us. She is also the "unofficial night shift cage holder" in the emergency dept where I work weekend overnights.

Toilet is a 13 yr old black and white domestic short-haired. Right now he is on palliative care for an aggressive cancer and has extremely bad heart problems. We're cherishing his health for as long as we can right now. His favorite thing to do is wake my husband up at 5am to feed him by licking his head.

Ruth Bader Ginspurr is my 2 yr old all black stray special that someone brought into my job at around 10-12 weeks old. She is the sweetest cat, allowing my daughter to pick her up and carry her even as a kitten. Her favorite thing is to run right in front of Leia to get her to chase her and then scream when Leia does put her paw on her. She is the smallest cat I have ever owned with her growth stopping at around 6 or 7 months old.

Stitches and Bones has become the only place I order my collars from. With the cool spooky themes, the biothane availability, and the durability, we have been extremely pleased with everything.

So that's my crew. Don't forget to use code LEIABOO to order to keep us on the rep team. We love it here.

Crystal, Leia, Ruth & Toilet