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Salena, Biscuit & Piper

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Hello fellow pet parents! My name is Salena and I have 2 furry family members! I'd have all the dogs if I could and if I still worked fully remote I definitely would've adopted 2 more dogs this year.

Biscuit is my mama's boy dachsund mix rescue! We adopted him in 2020 and he has not been a fan of me going back into the office! He is the best boy and has been actually very easy (other than barking 🤣) He LOVES his toys! Especially long skinny ones.. maybe because he's a little long body lol. He also gets SO excited for S&B mail! I was ordering so much stuff for him he thinks every package is his now!

Piper is my little lady mini schnauzer. She was actually my mom's dog and sadly I lost my mom in early 2022. I am Piper's second favorite other than my mom and I promised her I would take great care of Piper. She has been a good permanent addition to our family. Her and Biscuit were already very familiar as I was very close to my mom and would bring Piper home during her hospital stays. Piper had never really worn a collar before we got her so while I know she doesn't love it... it's keeping her safe and loved like I promised!

We have been lucky enough to be a part of the S&B family for over a year now and am so thankful to have found a great product that fits my spooky year round life but also offers a variety of stuff for everyone!

You can use code BISCUIT to save on your purchases and let Rachel know to keep us around 😉

Salena, Biscuit & Piper
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